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With domestic leading quality, high stability, high performance price is the main characteristic
Mold Making
CNC, EDM, Wire-cut, CMM machines
for precise and fast mold making
Injection Moulding
Full range of molding machines offers small precision parts as well as large aesthetic housing parts
Precision Machines
CNC, EDM, Wire-cut and CMM support and consultancy service to the industry
Assembly Lines
Good supply of labors in assembly line provide one-stop-shop service in China.
Promising Quality
Our Quality Control scheme and Purchasing Department as well as conduct regular audit. 
Plant Overview
Our precise machineries
CNC Machine
Automated milling devices that make use of coded instruction to fabricate wide variety of parts accurately and quickly without direct human assistance.
Wire Cutting
Use abrasion rather than saw teeth to cut precisely
EDM Machine
A desired shape is obtained using electrical discharges (sparks).
Pin Cutting
Uses long, thin cutting tool to produce holes in metal at high depth-to-diameter ratios.
EDM Dept.
20+ Electrical discharge machining (EDM) throuout our production plant
Mold Assembly
A mold with a height of 1.8meters was being assemblied.
Mold Assembly
Plenty of technicians in making all components into one set of mold.
CNC Dept.
20+ in house CNC Machines for mould production
CNC Machining
40+ CNC Machines in providing metal machining services.
Die Casting
Plastic casting process that is characterized by forcing molten plastics under high pressure into a mold cavity.
Injection Moulding
Variety size of injection molding machines in the plant
Production of moulds, moulding, and other main processes are all done in-house.
In-Process Control
Offer excellent quality and cost effective parts and all the vendors are qualified by our R&D Department.
Supply Control
Quality Control Department and Purchasing Department also conduct regular audit.
Audit Trail
We ensure both our customers, vendors and our group would work fairly and firmly to yield win-win result.
Cost Effective
Corporate News
Fine quality and precision manufacturing
Growth is based on exceeding our customers expectations Commitment to innovation and product enhancement parallels our commitment to our customers We strive to manufacture world- rate quality, and custom molding to meet our customers needs, provide satisfying careers for all our employees, and to earn a fair return in order to allow continuous improvements.
Precise Equipments
Business Partners
Moulds Produced